It's easy to become an member of NDCCA. If you are a Resident of New Dorp, all you have to do is fill out a membership form and send your check for one year's membership. For just $20 a year you can become a member of the New Dorp Central Civic Association (NDCCA) and take part in your community. In addition to receiving our monthly newsletter, membership in NDCCA allows you to participate in meeting discussions, vote at our General Membership meetings, run for elective office in NDCCA, join our committees, and participate in our activities and volunteer projects.
Download the Form by clicking the link "Membership Form".
Non-Resident of New Dorp

If you are Non-Resident of New Dorp, but would like to be a part of our association, we also have an opportunity for you to join as a "Friend of New Dorp." For just $12 a year you can become a Friend of New Dorp which allows you all the benefits of NDCCA membership except for the ability to vote on NDCCA matters or run for office in NDCCA.
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